About Us

“MON-PAKHI” in Santiniketan is The Perfect Address for spending Quality Time with Your Family in Complete Peace & Tranquility. “MON-PAKHI” Home Stay ,as the name suggest is a peaceful abode for guests to pack away their bags from the fast hectic lives of metropolitan cities to spend a few days in peace and calmness and rejuvenate in the nature's cradle. A few days of peace, a serene environment, fresh atmosphere, homely services, and delicious food are all that we can offer.. This Peaceful ambience of our Homestay is greatly liked by people and they regularly come to stay in our Homestay for days together, just to enjoy the fresh environment and the culture of Santiniketan.

“MON-PAKHI” homestay is located hardly a few hundred meters away from the “ RABINDRA BHAVAN / UTTORAYAN “ in Visva Bharati University Campus.

You can roam around the University Campus by walking or you can visit the neighbouring Tribal Villages by cycling or by car.

You can simply unwind yourself sitting on the Green lawn of “MON-PAKHI” and Enjoy the Abode of Peace ....... Santiniketan.